Linking-In for Marketing Success

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn offers professionals in a number of industries the opportunity to interact and network through a series of connections. While the site started as a networking tool, it has since grown to include advertising, specialized campaigns, and article postings. While there are a slew of relevant and effective social media sites out there that can help your business grow, LinkedIn offers some unique advantages for the advertising-minded business. Here are some reasons why LinkedIn can lead to success for your small business:
– Another avenue for social interaction with others in the industry as well as your target consumers
– Can be an effective component of an overall long-term marketing strategy
– Features a low-cost solution to online marketing

Here are some tips for LinkedIn success
– Create a comprehensive business profile on the site. Your company page should align with the overall branding message on your website, print materials, and other social media sites. You may also want to join LinkedIn groups that pertain to your specific industry.

– Share industry-related news with your connections. Not only will you appear attuned with the industry in which you work, this task can also provide beneficial knowledge to others with a stake in the game.

– Ask and give recommendations. When appropriate, ask clients to recommend your products or services on their LinkedIn profile. Return the good favor by sharing your experiences with other businesses as well.

– Make sure to reach out and connect. This social site offers great opportunity to discover others in the field as well as vendors that can help you succeed.

Grand Marketing Solutions can assist with all of your online marketing endeavors. From managing social media sites to providing quality content, our team has strategies to help your small business succeed. With a robust line of services, we can support all of your marketing needs.

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by Katie Zurawski

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