Ways Voice Search Affects Your SEO

With voice search becoming more popular, it’s important to know how you can use this new technology in your SEO strategy. In fact many people don’t realize that speaking instead of typing is often easier and faster when using these devices for navigation or searching on the web!

Voice search is becoming more popular with each passing day. In just four years, Google has increased their accuracy by 15% and now understands voices better than ever before!

Even Microsoft’s answer to voice-based searching, Cortana also ranks among the highest with users at 93%.

Increasing Need for Mobile Friendly

The need for mobile-friendliness is an essential component in Voice Search. It’s not just voice searches that bring people to your website, but these interactive features also increase engagement rates and encourage return visits among potential customers who are on their phones or tablets at all times looking up information about what you offer online!

In fact, smartphones and tablets make up about 55.88% of Internet traffic – meaning that a website’s performance will greatly depend on how quickly it can be loaded onto these devices. To ensure your site is fast enough for all users regardless if they’re using desktop computers or smartphones/tablets you should add more graphics as well as improve load times so visitors don’t leave due to slow connectivity!

Phrases are Driving Traffic

This is why it’s so important to use keywords. Keywords are still somewhat important, but the long-tail phrases that make up your SEO strategy will have a greater impact on how well you rank in search engines like Google or Bing than ever before! When someone asks their phone “What time does my flight leave?” they’re not just looking for answers with two or three word phrases – these people want complete questions answered quickly and easily from wherever they happen to spot information being sought out by those who need help right away without having too much trouble finding resources online if needed later down the road as well.

Speed Matters

In the digital world, there is no such thing as a slightest bit too fast when it comes to ranking well in search results and catching attention from visitors. That’s because both users who are looking for information on your site or company’s products/services will want them quickly so they can get back onto whatever else they were doing before coming here!

For mobile devices, the speed of a website is crucial. This includes data bandwidth and hardware as well as wireless plans for each user’s device – because if they’re not fast enough then your content will be downloaded very slowly or even error out completely!

Making it Conversational

When you are searching for information on your phone, a friendly voice can make all the difference. The right tone will ensure that people feel comfortable and understand what it is they’re trying to convey during these searches.

You can’t fake being real. That’s why it is so important for marketers and writers of all types, but especially those who work in the creative field or have a similar tone-of voice as their content – read what you write out loud before publishing!

A great way to make sure everything sounds authentic? Read yourself saying each sentence aloud (with appropriate volume). This will help create connections between speaker/listener AND message receipt…which both lead back towards better communication with customers on either end; whether they’re buying your product OR listening intently while we share stories over coffee 🙂

Location, Location, Location

The term “near me” is used when someone wants specific goods or services in their immediate location. This has grown by over 500% since 2016, which shows how much people care about getting things right away!

Have you ever noticed how often we ask Google about the closest coffee shop to me? Well, it’s become a regular thing. In fact I know that on certain days of my week at work or just when boredom has set in while sitting around doing nothing much else than thinking “I’m getting pretty good with this phone”, then before long – bam!–there are always those questions coming out from between these fingers as if by magic!

Can’t Spell? No Problem…

What’s the point of including misspellings within your meta tags? Voice search uses a different kind and algorithm.

The search engine only looks at what you type, not how it sounds.

The algorithm will determine what you say and then deliver the right content. Make sure that your text is easy to read so it can be processed quickly by this system!

Importance of Context

The voice of a human is always going to be more appealing than machine-produced output. That’s because humans are able produce responses that sound natural and interesting, while machines often come across as flat or uninteresting

A major part about success on Google Search Engine results pages (SERPs) comes from what you say in response when someone asks for something specific  For instance “What movie did I watch last night?,” “I want directions home,” etcetera…

Featured Snippets are a great way to engage your audience, but don’t forget about “People also ask” in Google. By providing solid answers and engaging content on the site you can easily grow reach with this tool!

The content of your website should be easy to understand for visitors. Don’t make them open up dictionaries or look it up on Google because that’s just silly!

Shows Clear Intent Between Those who Search and Those who Own the Content

Voice search has taken over. This is especially true for companies that are looking to increase their online presence and derive value from the golden goose of internet browsing — voice searches! To do so, they need SEO strategies as well as marketing campaigns focused on building person-to content intent rather than simply keywords .

The difference is clear. For instance, there’s a significant difference from asking “where can I find” and specifying ‘used’ or ‘new’.

Can you hear the distinction?

Search intent is a crucial element of SEO, and voice input makes it even more so.

Best Practices

Be Descriptive

The choice of words can make or break your marketing campaign. For example, would you describe black Nikes as “Nike’s Black Shoes?” The power lies in being descriptive with the content you produce and using strategically chosen tags for search engines to find it easier when people do an internet-search on products like these.

The benefits don’t stop there though! Descriptive hashtags also help users discover new purchases faster by allowing them to see what other items someone might be interested in purchasing alongside our product page.

The details of your content are what will make or break the quality on search engines. Being too vague is going to hurt you in rankings, so stay as specific and clear about things like keywords while still being able to create engaging copy without feeling over-promotional!

When shopping for a product or service, it’s not uncommon to have very specific requirements. As such users are conditioned into looking specifically when searching with voice search because they know that this will yield accurate results given all their prior experiences in stores where employees were able provide assistance based on individual needs/wants etc.

Use Questions

The who, what, where, why and how are the most common question words people use to search on their smartphones.

You can also include things like “is,” “can,” and “will.” If there’s a question about your brand or product that needs answering then answer it!

The average voice search answer is just 29 words, so you need to get right into your point quickly. For example one or two sentences should do the trick when answering a question in only 1 minute!

Use a Natural Voice

Knowledge is power. However, too many authors are exceedingly clinical in their content which makes it difficult for the average Internet user to understand them or benefit from reading about new words they use because these terms were already known beforehand (and oftentimes not even then).

Sometimes, we as writers get so technical that our writing becomes difficult to understand. Think about how hard it would be for someone who’s not familiar with the subject at hand and just wants you to stop talking! So think more in terms of advice than information when crafting sentences; use language 8th graders can easily digest.

Being natural makes you sound more authoritative and authentic. Plus, Google/Siri or Alexa will repeat what we say if they can’t understand it because of how complicated languages are nowadays!

Write for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are small segments of a page that appear in Google search. These are pulled from content which can answer specific questions or provide precise information, making them perfect for users looking to find exactly what they need without having any other distractions around their screens while doing so!

Featured Snippets – Sometimes called “precise info panels,” these popping up windows display relevant data at your fingertips when you’re searching on google using certain keywords.

Featured Snippets are a great way to give your content the upper hand on Google. You don’t even need rank #1 for this feature!

I’ve seen snippets come from content on the second page of a Google search result. Sometimes they are just one word or two, but often enough it’s more than that – and these words can give us an insight into what people might be searching for!

The core of featured snippets is quality and information. How quickly can you precisely answer the searcher? Some of the best answers are within a few sentences.

Larger Fonts

With mobile searches quickly overtaking desktop, it is critical for sites to be easily readable on small screens. Most experts agree that larger fonts will help users read information more easily when they visit your website from their phone or tablet device without having zoom capabilities .

What may look good on a seven-inch display can be too difficult to read when it’s displayed smaller than five inches.

As seen on the websites of many companies, developers are using larger fonts and bolder text to really grab your attention. They’ve also decreased the amount or number of families in order for users with mobile devices to only see what’s important – like titles!

Add Schema Markup

Schema markup is a few lines of coding used to improve search results. Now, it doesn’t guarantee that your content will instantly be ahead in SEO but schema does make an impact on where you rank for certain keywords or phrases.

It has been proven over time by many marketers who use this technique which can help increase traffic from organic searches through better optimized web pages filled with valuable information.

Schema markup isn’t overly difficult, but it does require some coding knowledge. Luckily there are plugins that make this easier like the WordPress plugin Schema!

To get the most out of your content, you need to make sure that it has all aspects. One way this can happen is by adding keywords in order for people who are searching locally to find what they’re looking for and increase their chances at finding exactly whomever or whatever it may be!

FAQ to the Rescue

One of the best ways to support voice search in SEO is by creating a page with answers for frequently asked questions. This will help people who use virtual assistants or other software that can’t easily access your website find information on what they need, and could potentially increase traffic from this source!

A great idea would be adding an FAQ section about any products/services offered at all times so there’s no delay when someone searches something up online which may lead them here instead if their intended destination wasn’t found quickly enough due simply because it didn’t offer those particular items.

The internet is a great place to find information, but sometimes it can be tough figuring out where you should start. One way that I have found success with researching my topic online in the past was using one simple tool – autofill- which allowed me to search terms related directly at hand without having to scroll through endless pages or sit on an old website waiting for their timer before clicking away again!

Why not simply add a page of the most common questions about your business? That’s it! The rest will take care of itself with this easy strategy.

However, be sure to make your answers concise and provide quality information with each point.

Aim for Authority

The process of creating an authoritative site is often time-consuming, but the results are worth it. Authoritative sites tend to receive more backlinks and shares in social media as well as appearing higher on search engines whether you’re using Google voice or desktop text font size!

Of course, the best way to have a professional voice is by following some simple guidelines. For example: citing sources and providing irrefutable facts will help you develop an authoritative appearance while building evergreen content can also be effective in this endeavor!

Voice is the Present and Future

Google’s voice search is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to find information on their phones. To get ahead in this competitive market, you need a plan that will engage customers and make them want more from your site – something like an automated content marketing system!

You can’t afford to wait too long before taking advantage of this opportunity. Voice assistants are becoming more popular by the day, and you’ll lose your chance if you don’t act now!

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    We are proud to be partners with GMS. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I value a relationship with a partner who is cut from the same mold. Grand Marketing Solutions understands what it takes to keep our company competitive in a ever changing market. They ask the right questions and treat our business as it was their own. With Grand Marketing Solutions as our partner we can focus on our core business while they execute on our marketing strategy. We have been with a handful of marketing firms over the years. Some were large, some were small, but none of them have had the impact that Grand Marketing Solutions has.
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